Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I'm alive, I swear.
I can't believe that it's already April!! And that my last post was a new years resolution about posting more... *whistles awkwardly..*

ANYWAYYY... here's a quick post to hold you over, and by you I mean my one and only reader (HI L!) (i really should get OUT there more, sigh i need moar time!)''

So Katy Perry collaborated with OPI and released a nail polish collection, with cute little names from her latest album Teenage Dream. One of the polishes Black Shatter (actually not an song name lol) has been getting a lot of press everywhere! I didn't think I was gonna get it.. but I did. (surprise!)

For those who aren't familiar with Black Shatter, crackle nail polish is making a comeback! when I first learned about this, I was spazzing out to my friends, but none of them knew what it was... why!? I remember them from when I was in middle school, the nail polish that glides on like regular polish, but when it dries, it "cracks". Of course it was just a FAD, and it faded away, but the things with FADS are they always come back, ie high waisted and flare jeans, no thank you.

This is a super crappy photo I took with my iTouch just cos I wanted to play with the effects, my nails are all chipped, so I will redo them and take another photo, I promise.

So the effect makes the color on my index and ring finger look relatively the same.. but they're not. I'm wearing all 3 lacquers from the new MAC Quite Cute collection (will swatch too). And after that dried, I applied 1 layer of Black Shatter over it, and then this is the end result.

This definitely isn't a look for everyone, and I didn't think I'd be into it.. but apparently I am! I got many compliments on my nails when I was working on my retail job, and asking what it was.. it's a good ice breaker (or should I say ice shatter-er)... yeah i tried.

That's it for now, I will definitely try to get better pics up for the polishes, and swatch the colors individually before the shatter.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

EOS lip balm gift set = love


I know, long time no blog. I really need to pick things up, I have plenty of things to review i think… I really should jump on it! It’ll be an early new years resolution!

I went to my local Walgreens to pick me up a new EOS lipbalm cos mine was running low :( and guess what I stumbled upon? an EOS lip balm gift set! Just absolutely perfect for the holidays don’t you think?


It comes with three EOS lip balm spheres, with a special limited edition Pomegranate Raspberry flavor (AHHH I LOVE POMEGRANATE!), and it also comes in a little pouch to make it gift-able and holiday-esque! The other two are sweet mint, and honeysuckle honeydew, both which can be purchased seperately.

Of course, having the pomegranate raspberry scent was good e042824nough reason for me to buy it, it’s actually a good deal too, Walgreens sells their EOS balms for $3.47 i think.. something around there, I was going to pick up 2 balms anyway, and that it was better to spend 9.99 on 3 balms instead of paying full price for each one separately!

Personally i LOVE the summer melon (is that right?) scent and I wished they had included in the set, but honestly, no complaints here! I”m glad they left out the lemon one because I don’t like the formula cos it’s SPF 15 and really slick.

So if you guys are looking for EOS lip balms or need a cute stocking stuffer/gift idea, head over to your local drugstore and see if you can find these lovely gems! good luck!


ps. i apologize for the scrubby clothes, I was already in my jammies and remembered I wanted to do a quick review… not to mention its ABSOLUTELY freezing here in NorCal. NO LIKE.

Monday, July 19, 2010

For Audrey’s Love Heels All <3

Bonjour mes amours <3
2 reviews today! Can you guess what the two are?

First up is Ecotool’s L♥ve Heels All, omygosh, HOW CUTE is the name?? They totally suckered me in because I was looking for a foot cream for the summer. Summertime is flipflop/ cute sandal season (I’ve been favoring my Seychelle’s Get Outta Town knockoffs I got from Target all summer!), and nothing ruins a pair of cute shoes like some dry, whte, cracked heels! O_O!! Some people may think that others don’t notice, but there is always that ONE person that pays attention to detail (aka ME) that notices. Plus I went to school in Santa Cruz where there were a LOT of dry ugly feet.

L♥ve Heels All really did “heel” my feet! At first when I put them on my feet I was a little skeptical because the consistency of this “intensive heel cream” is the same as any lotion. I dunno about you guys, but I was expecting it to be hardcore, heavy-duty, thick-ass cream to fix my ugly feet. The smell is kinda minty, and it kinda leaves your feet feeling cool.. like Burts Bee’s for your feet?


What I like about it:
♥ 98% from nature
♥ ecotools donates 1% of sales to environmental organizations
♥ Paraben and Phtalate Free
♥ Not tested on Animals!
♥ It works (thats kinda nice isnt it?)
Overall grade: A+ !

The second product is the well known China Glaze For Audrey. I really don’t think I need to say much for it just because… it speaks for itself! It sells itself. Every time I wear it, whether I’m at work, or just out, people always always ALWAYS compliment For Audrey. Just today at work (I work retail) 4 customers liked my nail polish and asked me what it was. I also like China Glaze because it’s good quality nail polish for a decent price, ~$6 or less depending on where you get it. This is a STEAL compared to Chanel’s "Nouvelle Vague”, which is very similar to For Audrey except it has some shimmer, and a hefty $23 price!

For Audrey is a creamy, must have coveted Tiffany blue hue that is all the rage for this season. I usually put on 2 coats so it’s even and I don’t see any nail ridges (when i’m too lazy to buff them out). How similar is For Audrey compared to Tiffany & Co.? See for yourself :)


Not too shabby right? I think it’s a perfect match! For Audrey is perfect on it’s own, but sometimes when I feel like making it even MOAR similar to Tiffanys I like to add a white/pearl french tip or a white KONAD plate bow :) You know.. just for authenticity :)

Overall grade: A++!

Anyway I hope you guys found these reviews helpful, if not.. then entertaining at least? Sorry for the crappy webcam photos, this was an impromptu post because I was applying my foot cream on and thought to myself ‘hey maybe I should post about it’. Till next time!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Chapstick not working?

Hey guys! I’m finally back after a…. __ month hiatus. Let’s call it a sabbatical.. it sounds more professional..

Anyway! NEW LAYOUT! HOLLA! This one is much more simplified (gasp, me simple, say it aint so!) Although I loved all those clicky link things on top, I just never put them to work.. so something nice and clean to re-inspire me to blog again (plus I have no school = no excuses!)

Ever wonder why you keep putting on your lip balm/chapstick, and it doesn’t make you feel any better? Do you find yourself reapplying time and time again to get no relief from chapped lips?

The problem might be your lip balm! Some lip products, such as Carmex contain an ingredient called Phenol or Phenyl Alcohol. No chemistry degree needed, we all know how drying alcohol can be, it evaporates! This severely dries your lips out, causing you to reapply after a short amount of time.

Ingredients on my mini tub of Carmex

Active Ingredients: Menthol 0.7%, Camphor 1.7%, Phenol 0.4%
Inactive Ingredients: Fragrance in Petrolatum, Lanolin, Cocoa Butter, Salicylic Acid and Wax Base

There it is for you, that Phreakin’ Phenol! I do agree, although I love Carmex for my coldsores (gotta love that Camphor), it does dry me out a bit.. I do feel as the Carmex in the squeezy tubes are less drying though..

Looking for a new chapstick to soothe your pucker? Luckily Burt’s Bees soothing chapsticks do not contain Phenol and will save the day. The growing-ever-so-popular EOS smooth sphere (made popular by Miss Michelle Phan, I wont lie, I got sucked into it too) also don’t contain Phenol and come in a variety of delicious scents! My favorite is “Summer Fruit” I’m trying to collect them like Pokeballs but they’re to hard to find!

Anyway I hope this was a good “return of the beauty blogger post”! Hopefully there will be more to come! Hopefully everyone is having a wonderful summer, and keep those lips smooth!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

do you like long-term relationships?

Hi Ladies! (and Gents, even though I don't think any guys read my blog..) I haven't updated in awhile, I know I know.. I had such high aspirations for this blog! I want to do other things such as tutorials, but I just haven't had the time. Plus I'm blind as a bat without my glasses so I'm still figuring out how to do tutorials without a mirror straight up in my face.

Anyhoo, I have a review for you guys today, it is Herbal Essences Long-term relationship leave in split end protector (geez that was a mouthful)!

It is supposed to be a fusion of Raspberry and Satin, and I can say that it does smell absolutely heavenly!

what it claims to do: the bottle says that it'll "smooth them with a kiss of protective conditioning that strengthens you hair against split ends and breakage"

The consistency of the product is lotion-y and creamy. It comes in a pump and it's not liquidy.. so it's like conditioner! (Duh, me). My initial thoughts upon trying the product was "OOH it smells SO good" After I finished, I couldn't stop sniffing my hair. It was nice! I was pretty satisfied with the product until I was bored in lecture and looking at my hair and O_O I SAW SPLIT ENDS! I was like UMM.. isnt this why I bought the conditioner for? So.. it doesn't work that well for split ends.

My hair DID feel softer and my ends don't feel all dry and fried up, so this product isn't totally at a loss. I recommend applying this product while your hair is damp after showering, because I feel like it leaves kinda a residue if you don't totally work it into your hair (kinda like the hardish feeling when you have mousse in your hair). I also only apply it to my ends and not ALL over my hair like I would a conditioner just because of the weird hardish feeling i get sometimes.

Overall I'd give this product a B-, because it DOES smell so good, and my hair is softer. However, it is marketed to prevent spilt ends and that wasn't observed in my case. However if you are looking for something to make your hair smell absolutely divine, and theyre a little fried, definitely give this product a try to quench your ends!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new years NOTD & jewelry

Hey guys,
Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been taking advantage of the laziness that comes along with my 3 week long winter break. Actually theres barely been any laziniess, more like work work work and holiday shopping madness! Now that Xmas is done with, I can kick back and relax and just figure out what I'm gonna do for the new year.

Since New years is coming up, I decided to do an extra sparkly NOTD, nothing too fancy, but my girls and I were thinking about wearing sequiny dresses for new years and I figured this would be great to compliment the glitz and glam of new years.
whoops sorry not THE greatest photo (how did I mess up point & shoot?!), and pardon the cut on my finger, I'm so clumsy! But yeah like I said, nothing super fancy... I just had some glitter that I bought to decorate some xmas gifts, so I just put on a clear coat and poured it over my nail for that ultra bling effect! :) I then applied a top coat. Hopefully this will last through my shower tomorrow morning!

Another thing I wanted to post about was this super cute necklace that I purchased from American Eagle. I gotta give it to AE, they've definitely upped their jewelry game this season. It's a pocket watch/necklace with silver filigree detailing that gives it this antique feel to it. Dainty and delicate, the other side has a heart-shaped window to reveal the time without needing to open it.

I tried to look for the watch online so I could give you guys direct link to it, but it wasn't online anymore! But it's still in stores if any of you guys are interested in buying it. I think it's perfect because first of all, it's frikin' adorable. It's on a long silver chain which is perfect for layering necklaces on, or just going solo for simple, yet put together look. And also great for people who dont do watches (aka me, my arms are meant for bracelets!), and guess what! It was only $19.50 (I think.. i threw away the tag)

Anyway, it's pretty late right now! I didn't notice the time until I uploaded the picture of the necklace opened up with the time and everything and I was like "OH WHUT?! It's 3am!?" and sure enough it was. So I think it is time to hit the sack because my body sure does need it. Can you believe I was sick during the holidays?! Super lame, not to mention I just insisted on going out anyway. Speaking of which, does anyone know any good fast remedies on getting rid of cold sores? It's quite unsightly.

A demain!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

leonid meteor shower

Okay, so meteor showers aren't exactly cute, but they're super cool so I guess we'll make an exception today and the blog will temporarily be loveallthingscuteandcool. Sound like a good idea? haha!

So last night and tonight was the Leonid meteor shower. I'm no astrology geek but I just LOVE LOVE LOVEE meteor showers. I had nobody to watch it with last night because people were preoccupied with sleep (sleep? who needs sleep?!) or homeworks and what not, so I just walked outside my house and tried to spot some. I saw two measly faint ones, but I was disappointed.

Luckily, it goes on for 2 days, and today a small group of friends wanted to go! Yay me! It was FREEZING. I had my jeans on, my furry boots (not UGGS, mind you), a v neck sweater + peacoat, a beanie and earmuffs, so I was OKAY, still a bit cold. I forgot the gloves! At first they were a bit sparse and faint, but around 2 we saw a couple BIG ones. They were bright, and left a faint streak after the meteor had vanished. That one meteor made tonight SO. WORTH. IT. :)

It was just breathtaking, lying on your back staring up at the sky. We went to a better location today so less light pollution. You're just staring up at the black sky and its bedazzled with stars. I felt like I was in one of those snowglobes, watching the meteors fall.

HAHAH okay so a little embarrassing, but I'm love playing SIMs, and if you're unfamiliar with it, your SIM can look through a telescope (if you buy one), and they can get ABDUCTED! So I was a little nervous HAHA but that's just my imagination getting the best of silly me.

Anyway it is 3:39 where I'm at right now and I really need to get to bed if I'm going to make my 9:30 ballet class in the morning... The next meteor shower happening is the Germinids meteor shower happening December 13th-14th, so if you missed out on the Leonids, here's your chance! Supposedly this one is supposed to have a better show than the Leonids. :)


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