Monday, July 19, 2010

For Audrey’s Love Heels All <3

Bonjour mes amours <3
2 reviews today! Can you guess what the two are?

First up is Ecotool’s L♥ve Heels All, omygosh, HOW CUTE is the name?? They totally suckered me in because I was looking for a foot cream for the summer. Summertime is flipflop/ cute sandal season (I’ve been favoring my Seychelle’s Get Outta Town knockoffs I got from Target all summer!), and nothing ruins a pair of cute shoes like some dry, whte, cracked heels! O_O!! Some people may think that others don’t notice, but there is always that ONE person that pays attention to detail (aka ME) that notices. Plus I went to school in Santa Cruz where there were a LOT of dry ugly feet.

L♥ve Heels All really did “heel” my feet! At first when I put them on my feet I was a little skeptical because the consistency of this “intensive heel cream” is the same as any lotion. I dunno about you guys, but I was expecting it to be hardcore, heavy-duty, thick-ass cream to fix my ugly feet. The smell is kinda minty, and it kinda leaves your feet feeling cool.. like Burts Bee’s for your feet?


What I like about it:
♥ 98% from nature
♥ ecotools donates 1% of sales to environmental organizations
♥ Paraben and Phtalate Free
♥ Not tested on Animals!
♥ It works (thats kinda nice isnt it?)
Overall grade: A+ !

The second product is the well known China Glaze For Audrey. I really don’t think I need to say much for it just because… it speaks for itself! It sells itself. Every time I wear it, whether I’m at work, or just out, people always always ALWAYS compliment For Audrey. Just today at work (I work retail) 4 customers liked my nail polish and asked me what it was. I also like China Glaze because it’s good quality nail polish for a decent price, ~$6 or less depending on where you get it. This is a STEAL compared to Chanel’s "Nouvelle Vague”, which is very similar to For Audrey except it has some shimmer, and a hefty $23 price!

For Audrey is a creamy, must have coveted Tiffany blue hue that is all the rage for this season. I usually put on 2 coats so it’s even and I don’t see any nail ridges (when i’m too lazy to buff them out). How similar is For Audrey compared to Tiffany & Co.? See for yourself :)


Not too shabby right? I think it’s a perfect match! For Audrey is perfect on it’s own, but sometimes when I feel like making it even MOAR similar to Tiffanys I like to add a white/pearl french tip or a white KONAD plate bow :) You know.. just for authenticity :)

Overall grade: A++!

Anyway I hope you guys found these reviews helpful, if not.. then entertaining at least? Sorry for the crappy webcam photos, this was an impromptu post because I was applying my foot cream on and thought to myself ‘hey maybe I should post about it’. Till next time!



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