Wednesday, November 24, 2010

EOS lip balm gift set = love


I know, long time no blog. I really need to pick things up, I have plenty of things to review i think… I really should jump on it! It’ll be an early new years resolution!

I went to my local Walgreens to pick me up a new EOS lipbalm cos mine was running low :( and guess what I stumbled upon? an EOS lip balm gift set! Just absolutely perfect for the holidays don’t you think?


It comes with three EOS lip balm spheres, with a special limited edition Pomegranate Raspberry flavor (AHHH I LOVE POMEGRANATE!), and it also comes in a little pouch to make it gift-able and holiday-esque! The other two are sweet mint, and honeysuckle honeydew, both which can be purchased seperately.

Of course, having the pomegranate raspberry scent was good e042824nough reason for me to buy it, it’s actually a good deal too, Walgreens sells their EOS balms for $3.47 i think.. something around there, I was going to pick up 2 balms anyway, and that it was better to spend 9.99 on 3 balms instead of paying full price for each one separately!

Personally i LOVE the summer melon (is that right?) scent and I wished they had included in the set, but honestly, no complaints here! I”m glad they left out the lemon one because I don’t like the formula cos it’s SPF 15 and really slick.

So if you guys are looking for EOS lip balms or need a cute stocking stuffer/gift idea, head over to your local drugstore and see if you can find these lovely gems! good luck!


ps. i apologize for the scrubby clothes, I was already in my jammies and remembered I wanted to do a quick review… not to mention its ABSOLUTELY freezing here in NorCal. NO LIKE.


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