Wednesday, November 18, 2009

leonid meteor shower

Okay, so meteor showers aren't exactly cute, but they're super cool so I guess we'll make an exception today and the blog will temporarily be loveallthingscuteandcool. Sound like a good idea? haha!

So last night and tonight was the Leonid meteor shower. I'm no astrology geek but I just LOVE LOVE LOVEE meteor showers. I had nobody to watch it with last night because people were preoccupied with sleep (sleep? who needs sleep?!) or homeworks and what not, so I just walked outside my house and tried to spot some. I saw two measly faint ones, but I was disappointed.

Luckily, it goes on for 2 days, and today a small group of friends wanted to go! Yay me! It was FREEZING. I had my jeans on, my furry boots (not UGGS, mind you), a v neck sweater + peacoat, a beanie and earmuffs, so I was OKAY, still a bit cold. I forgot the gloves! At first they were a bit sparse and faint, but around 2 we saw a couple BIG ones. They were bright, and left a faint streak after the meteor had vanished. That one meteor made tonight SO. WORTH. IT. :)

It was just breathtaking, lying on your back staring up at the sky. We went to a better location today so less light pollution. You're just staring up at the black sky and its bedazzled with stars. I felt like I was in one of those snowglobes, watching the meteors fall.

HAHAH okay so a little embarrassing, but I'm love playing SIMs, and if you're unfamiliar with it, your SIM can look through a telescope (if you buy one), and they can get ABDUCTED! So I was a little nervous HAHA but that's just my imagination getting the best of silly me.

Anyway it is 3:39 where I'm at right now and I really need to get to bed if I'm going to make my 9:30 ballet class in the morning... The next meteor shower happening is the Germinids meteor shower happening December 13th-14th, so if you missed out on the Leonids, here's your chance! Supposedly this one is supposed to have a better show than the Leonids. :)


Thursday, November 12, 2009


AHH. The long awaited post is FINALLY here. I know I've put it off for WEEKS but, here it is finally!

This collection is a sequel to UD's Book of Shadows 1, which was a huge hit to consumers and became SUPER hard to find anywhere (believe me, I've tried!). This set comes with 16 shadows, including 8 exclusive shadows found only in this collection. It also comes with 2 of their famous 24/7 glide on pencils and a mini, super cute bottle of their well-known primer potion. All yours for $48 dollars! I think that this is a decent price for 16 shadows since their eyeshadows are priced at $16 individually and this set has a large variety, plus the eyeliner & primer.

The top (white) portion of the box opens up to reveal a mirror and a "lookbook", but I was a bit disappointed with the lookbook. It would've been a great idea if it was a bunch of looks that you could achieve with the book of shadows, but the looks used other UD products not just from the BOS (book of shadows).

I was a little disappointed with UD's packaging, it wasn't exactly the greatest. See that little purple pull tag at the bottom? You pull it and the "drawer" of eyeshadows pulls out. It was actually quite difficult pulling the drawer out the first time, I thought it would get easier after we got it out once, but I was wrong! Eventually that tab broke off, and I decided between returning it for a new one, or just super gluing it back together. I went with the latter choice, and now it's good as new! So if you plan on purchasing this, proceed with caution and be gentle!

Here are some closer up shots of the shadows:
and here are the swatches:
Perversion is a matte black, I'm glad that they've decided to add a matte color because in my opinion, UD is all about the shimmery/glitter colors. Plus, a matte black shadow is a must-have in every girl's makeup collection! It is also one of the exclusive shades. Gunmetal is a metallic gray with glitter in it

Ecstasy (OOPS spelled it wrong) is one of gorgeous colors in the box. It is a pretty purple with a slight light pink undertone. One of my favorites for a purple smokey eye.

ac/dc is another one of those exclusive shades, and although the site describes it as a "deep eggplant shimmer" I'll have to disagree and say that its just a purple shimmer, definitely a deeper purple than ecstasy though.

The next row has more neutral shades, i find myself going to these colors for more of my everyday school looks.

nylon is a sparkly champagne color and one of the "special" shades included in this set. I'm a bit neutral on this color, it's not my fave, but I don't hate it.

sellout is a pinky champagne, and it reminds me of stila's Kitten. UD describes it as "Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, w/o glitter!" but sellout looks more pink to me and MCRA seems a little darker. This color is perfect for an all over eye color!

mushroom is a shimmery taupe color that I really like to pair with sellout & nylon. This is also one of the exclusive shades that come only in this set.

sphynx is one of my favorite shades in this collection (i love pink!) I'm sad that it doesn't show up very well on my swatch though. It is a petal pink with glitter in it, a bit on the frosty side, and quite sheer. I usually use it as an all over color with something else, or when I really want it to show, I gotta pack it on and layerr it so it POPs. :) also an exclusive.

Moving on, the 3rd row is DEFINITELY an all neutral shade family.

half baked is a shimmery gold that makes an appearance in UDs 'Ammo' palette. I don't see myself reaching for this color much, maybe I'll have to come up with a look that utilizes this color.

twice baked is a dark corky brown with small gold glitter. I guess half baked and twice baked would go well together... time to try!

midnight cowboy rides again is i think is one of my least favorite shades in this collection because it is just so darn glittery! it's a gold with gold,bronze & silver giltter. Dang, glitter overkill much? I guess it'll be handy though when I feel like being glammed up. I guess you cant really tell from the swatch (sorry guys!) the glitter doesn't show up very well without flash. but believe me, its glittery!

ydk (does that stand for 'you don't know?') is a shimmery bronzey brown. I can't say that I have a lot say on this color. Maybe thats why its YDK, cos i really dont know what to say. haha!

YAY finally colors that I actually want to talk about (sorry UD).

jinx is a B-E-A-utiful bright, shimmery mermaid blue. I wished this set gave me more colors that I could use to pair up with jinx. This color definitely deserves to be called exclusive.

flipside... i dont really even know how to describe this color... its definitely frosty and goes on lighter than it looks in the pan. In the pan it looks tealy, greenish. But on my finger and in the swatch, it looks almost sky blue. Is this the flipsidee that they're talking about? Still pretty color though!

homegrown (LOL what is up with all these weed names UD?) is a shimmery leaf green, which i assume is what they're going for with this name. Also an exclusive shade.

misdemeanor is the last shade of the bunch, and SUPER interesting (and exclusive)... it has shimmer in it and in the pan it looks like a taupey gray. But UDs website describes it as a deep teal with shimmer. Teal isn't exactly what I would call it, but I guess its like a dark, near black navy with shimmer.

MOVING ON... (whew this is quite the post!) to the eyeliners!
I've heard a LOT about UD's 24/7 liners, and before I thought that maybe it was all hype, or over exaggerating, but OH MY GOD when I used them, I became a convert. This set comes with two colors, Zero (black) and Bourbon (dark brown). I was never a fan of pencil liners cos they hurt my eyelid when I use them but these applied SO SMOOTHLY, I was shocked! They were so creamy, but they stayed put!

I kept running my fingers over these heart-swatches that I did, and they did not budge or smear or smudge (smear + budge = smudge?). They're still on my hand now, and although they are lighter, they are still there. I've read many reviews that these work on the waterline, but sadly they don't work for me, maybe mine are extra watery. When I'm removing my makeup at the end of the day, I still see remnants of it AT my waterline, not like a hot mess in my lower eye area, so I'll give UD props for contributing to the raccoon look.

LAST but not least is the famous UDPP (urban decay primer potion). They give you a baby bottle of it (so cute!). I've read/seen a lot of this and it's rival too faced shadow insurance, and I think that it works pretty well. My colors seem to show up more with the primer than without it. I can't say that NO creasing happens, but the creasing tends to happen at the end of the day when my lids get pretty oily. When I apply it to my lids, it feels kinda greasy and I don't like it, but luckily it goes away. It also dries "clear" which is both a good and a bad thing. I've been using MACs paint pots as bases for awhile now (yay bare study!) and I've grown fond of the light shimmer that it gives me. I suppose UDPP would be good for matte looks where I don't want to use Bare Study.

Urban Decay's Book of Shadows Vol. 2 is BOUND to be a bestseller. I definitely think its a good bang for your buck (16 shadows, 2 eyeliners & 1 primer!). Urban decay's shadows are known for their pigmentation and smooth, creamy application. Although I felt like they should have added more extravagant colors (cos I feel like UD is known for that) and less neutral ones, I'm sure many neutral/UD fans would disagree with me. Ranging from neutral champagnes and browns to electric blues and purples, UD's Book of Shadows 2 is good as an introduction to the brand (to try out their products) and would be a great addition to any girl's makeup collection.
Grade: A

*EXHALE* wow. done with the post! Sorry if it was long, boring, or excessive. Feedback is VERY welcomed. I hope post was helpful, and if not, at least entertaining! More to come, hopefully!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

being productive.

Bonjour mes cheries!
Happy Veterans Day! I spent my lovely day off sleeping in, going to the mall, eating junk food and kinda-sorta making dinner. So.. what a perfect time to update my blog! Before I get slammed with school work and midterms again, right?

Halloween came... and left with a blink of an eye! I feel like people plan so much for halloween, like looking for costumes, even costuming as a group, looking for events to do and what not. Some people really do go all out! I did feel like there were wayy too many Lady Gaga's this year. Anyway so this year I decided to be festive and bake halloween goodies! They weren't the greatest cos I had a midterm that week and I just used this for procrastination :)

Meet Frankie! He was actually my least favorite cookie cutter shape, cos he was just so big and bulky, and I thought he was going to be boring. :( Sorry Frankster! But it turns out he was actually the most fun to decorate, and I think, the best outcome.

Next is Jack! (Jack, the Jack-o-lantern), I know, not super creative... I used candy corn for the eyes and black licorice for the mouth. I had to cut it up into strands, it was pretty time consuming! I coudln't find black drawing icing anywhere! -_- And most people I know aren't fans of black licorice. Oh well! Here are the rest of the batch:
Frankie's broski's.

what's a halloween cookie batch without some bats?Jack's extended family.
Black cat's are cute and yummay, hardly bad luck if you ask me. The kitty cookie cutter was my favorite at the beginning, but they were pretty difficult to decorate since.. ya know, they were all black O_O. Doesn't the purple sprinkle cat look constipated to you?

So that was the first day of halloween baking. These were just a simple sugar cookie recipe with royal frosting. The cookie cutters only cost me $1 from Target! Gotta love target. I also got the purple sprinkles for 1 dollar!

I wanted to bake halloween cupcakes the same night,but L convinced me not to cos i had to decorate, clean, and most importantly STUDY! Good call! So the next day, I made Red Velvet Cupcakes and sortaa decorated them.

All the frosting is creamcheese, i just died some fo it black to be festive :) and those orange things are halloween peeps! They looked like pumpkins, but they also kinda had ears so I was a little confused.Another black kittyghostie and pumpkin dude
I had some left over batter left, but not enough for another set of cupcakes, so I made red velvet hearts!
yummmyy warm bite-sized goodness if you ask me.

Anyway, this concludes my baking post! It was pretty long! I hope I didn't put you guys to sleep :)


Sunday, November 8, 2009

apologetic me.

Hii all,
Sorry I've been MIA with the posting. I know I promised reviews and swatches (this week, i promise!) I've just been burnt out from midterms week and last week was a total lazy weeek. After my midterm on monday, I will get the urban decay swatches up, I also have a halloween (i know, so late!) cookie post, and also a couple mascara reviews. Hooray!

BTW my UD Book of Shadows Vol II. TOTALLY died on me last week, theres a small ribbon "pull tab" to pull out the "drawer", and it just came right off! Urban Decay, i love you and your fabulous makeup, but can you guys PLEASEE spend a little more time (or money hmm?) on the packaging?! I was gonna lug my butt to the mall to exchange it at macys but I got lazy.. nothing a little Gorilla glue couldn't fix.

Anyways, sorry again! Ta ta for now :)


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