Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I'm alive, I swear.
I can't believe that it's already April!! And that my last post was a new years resolution about posting more... *whistles awkwardly..*

ANYWAYYY... here's a quick post to hold you over, and by you I mean my one and only reader (HI L!) (i really should get OUT there more, sigh i need moar time!)''

So Katy Perry collaborated with OPI and released a nail polish collection, with cute little names from her latest album Teenage Dream. One of the polishes Black Shatter (actually not an song name lol) has been getting a lot of press everywhere! I didn't think I was gonna get it.. but I did. (surprise!)

For those who aren't familiar with Black Shatter, crackle nail polish is making a comeback! when I first learned about this, I was spazzing out to my friends, but none of them knew what it was... why!? I remember them from when I was in middle school, the nail polish that glides on like regular polish, but when it dries, it "cracks". Of course it was just a FAD, and it faded away, but the things with FADS are they always come back, ie high waisted and flare jeans, no thank you.

This is a super crappy photo I took with my iTouch just cos I wanted to play with the effects, my nails are all chipped, so I will redo them and take another photo, I promise.

So the effect makes the color on my index and ring finger look relatively the same.. but they're not. I'm wearing all 3 lacquers from the new MAC Quite Cute collection (will swatch too). And after that dried, I applied 1 layer of Black Shatter over it, and then this is the end result.

This definitely isn't a look for everyone, and I didn't think I'd be into it.. but apparently I am! I got many compliments on my nails when I was working on my retail job, and asking what it was.. it's a good ice breaker (or should I say ice shatter-er)... yeah i tried.

That's it for now, I will definitely try to get better pics up for the polishes, and swatch the colors individually before the shatter.


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