Wednesday, November 18, 2009

leonid meteor shower

Okay, so meteor showers aren't exactly cute, but they're super cool so I guess we'll make an exception today and the blog will temporarily be loveallthingscuteandcool. Sound like a good idea? haha!

So last night and tonight was the Leonid meteor shower. I'm no astrology geek but I just LOVE LOVE LOVEE meteor showers. I had nobody to watch it with last night because people were preoccupied with sleep (sleep? who needs sleep?!) or homeworks and what not, so I just walked outside my house and tried to spot some. I saw two measly faint ones, but I was disappointed.

Luckily, it goes on for 2 days, and today a small group of friends wanted to go! Yay me! It was FREEZING. I had my jeans on, my furry boots (not UGGS, mind you), a v neck sweater + peacoat, a beanie and earmuffs, so I was OKAY, still a bit cold. I forgot the gloves! At first they were a bit sparse and faint, but around 2 we saw a couple BIG ones. They were bright, and left a faint streak after the meteor had vanished. That one meteor made tonight SO. WORTH. IT. :)

It was just breathtaking, lying on your back staring up at the sky. We went to a better location today so less light pollution. You're just staring up at the black sky and its bedazzled with stars. I felt like I was in one of those snowglobes, watching the meteors fall.

HAHAH okay so a little embarrassing, but I'm love playing SIMs, and if you're unfamiliar with it, your SIM can look through a telescope (if you buy one), and they can get ABDUCTED! So I was a little nervous HAHA but that's just my imagination getting the best of silly me.

Anyway it is 3:39 where I'm at right now and I really need to get to bed if I'm going to make my 9:30 ballet class in the morning... The next meteor shower happening is the Germinids meteor shower happening December 13th-14th, so if you missed out on the Leonids, here's your chance! Supposedly this one is supposed to have a better show than the Leonids. :)



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