Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new years NOTD & jewelry

Hey guys,
Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been taking advantage of the laziness that comes along with my 3 week long winter break. Actually theres barely been any laziniess, more like work work work and holiday shopping madness! Now that Xmas is done with, I can kick back and relax and just figure out what I'm gonna do for the new year.

Since New years is coming up, I decided to do an extra sparkly NOTD, nothing too fancy, but my girls and I were thinking about wearing sequiny dresses for new years and I figured this would be great to compliment the glitz and glam of new years.
whoops sorry not THE greatest photo (how did I mess up point & shoot?!), and pardon the cut on my finger, I'm so clumsy! But yeah like I said, nothing super fancy... I just had some glitter that I bought to decorate some xmas gifts, so I just put on a clear coat and poured it over my nail for that ultra bling effect! :) I then applied a top coat. Hopefully this will last through my shower tomorrow morning!

Another thing I wanted to post about was this super cute necklace that I purchased from American Eagle. I gotta give it to AE, they've definitely upped their jewelry game this season. It's a pocket watch/necklace with silver filigree detailing that gives it this antique feel to it. Dainty and delicate, the other side has a heart-shaped window to reveal the time without needing to open it.

I tried to look for the watch online so I could give you guys direct link to it, but it wasn't online anymore! But it's still in stores if any of you guys are interested in buying it. I think it's perfect because first of all, it's frikin' adorable. It's on a long silver chain which is perfect for layering necklaces on, or just going solo for simple, yet put together look. And also great for people who dont do watches (aka me, my arms are meant for bracelets!), and guess what! It was only $19.50 (I think.. i threw away the tag)

Anyway, it's pretty late right now! I didn't notice the time until I uploaded the picture of the necklace opened up with the time and everything and I was like "OH WHUT?! It's 3am!?" and sure enough it was. So I think it is time to hit the sack because my body sure does need it. Can you believe I was sick during the holidays?! Super lame, not to mention I just insisted on going out anyway. Speaking of which, does anyone know any good fast remedies on getting rid of cold sores? It's quite unsightly.

A demain!


loraborealis♡ said...

oooh looks like zoya's glitter line!! very nice

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