Thursday, February 18, 2010

do you like long-term relationships?

Hi Ladies! (and Gents, even though I don't think any guys read my blog..) I haven't updated in awhile, I know I know.. I had such high aspirations for this blog! I want to do other things such as tutorials, but I just haven't had the time. Plus I'm blind as a bat without my glasses so I'm still figuring out how to do tutorials without a mirror straight up in my face.

Anyhoo, I have a review for you guys today, it is Herbal Essences Long-term relationship leave in split end protector (geez that was a mouthful)!

It is supposed to be a fusion of Raspberry and Satin, and I can say that it does smell absolutely heavenly!

what it claims to do: the bottle says that it'll "smooth them with a kiss of protective conditioning that strengthens you hair against split ends and breakage"

The consistency of the product is lotion-y and creamy. It comes in a pump and it's not liquidy.. so it's like conditioner! (Duh, me). My initial thoughts upon trying the product was "OOH it smells SO good" After I finished, I couldn't stop sniffing my hair. It was nice! I was pretty satisfied with the product until I was bored in lecture and looking at my hair and O_O I SAW SPLIT ENDS! I was like UMM.. isnt this why I bought the conditioner for? So.. it doesn't work that well for split ends.

My hair DID feel softer and my ends don't feel all dry and fried up, so this product isn't totally at a loss. I recommend applying this product while your hair is damp after showering, because I feel like it leaves kinda a residue if you don't totally work it into your hair (kinda like the hardish feeling when you have mousse in your hair). I also only apply it to my ends and not ALL over my hair like I would a conditioner just because of the weird hardish feeling i get sometimes.

Overall I'd give this product a B-, because it DOES smell so good, and my hair is softer. However, it is marketed to prevent spilt ends and that wasn't observed in my case. However if you are looking for something to make your hair smell absolutely divine, and theyre a little fried, definitely give this product a try to quench your ends!


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