Monday, October 19, 2009

weekend haul!

This weekend I headed over to my mall to Macy's to get my brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar. Have any of you guys tried them out? Only specific Benefit Counters have them. It used to be $18 for a brow shaping/arch session, but now they've upped the prices to $20 (don't forget to tip!) I know it's pretty steep for just brows, but they do a good job almost everytime (except for this one esthetician)so for me, it's worth it because I have very thin, light, sparse brows, and they're hard to work with!

It may sound a little weird, but my favooriteee part is I get the area in-between my eyebrows (where the uni-brow would be, if i had one) waxed. I just love the feeling of the warm wax there and that area hurts the least when she pulls off the cloth strips, and then BAM silky smoooth. I love it.

ANYWAYY.. so I was only supposed to get my brows done and MAYBE get MACs "Brave" Lipstick... but that trip to the mall turned into a mini-haul instead...

My first stop was Sephora! I'm in LOVE with the Barbie for Stila collection, but they ran out of the eyeshadow palatte! :( I also wanted to check out Korres Cherry Lip Kisses, which was on my 'WANT' list after I saw Temptalia's swatches and review.. but I dunno if its her camera, or her lighting, but they definitely didn't look that cute in person, in the tube or on my lips. The only one that I liked was Fuchsia, the other colors looked really bland and even almost brown-ish in the tube, so I passed.

Next stop was MAC. Omygoodness, because of the Mischief, Magic and Mirth release, that store was jam-packed! I tried to ask one of the associates to assist me in finding "Brave", but she was in the middle of something. After aimlessly looking around for awhile, I decided to head over to the MAC counter in Nordstroms instead. While I was waiting for the MUA's attention, I tried to look for "Brave" by myself but I kept grabbing "Snob" instead. Snob is more of a pinky nude lip, while brave is more of a fleshy toned nude lip. I had to decide between the two and I got "brave"! (Review & swatches coming soon!) I also got enchanted by their new holiday eye palette "Sorceress" and bought that one too!!

While I was leaving Nordies, I passed by the Philosophy counter and also picked up their "Kiss Me Tonight" - intense lip treatment (See next post for review!)

Last but not least, I made my way back to Macys cos I parked there.. and did you guys notice something else knocked off my want list? Let me give you a hint, it looks like this:

YEAH. I got the Urban Decay Book of Shadows: VOL 2
It retails for $48 but I had a $10 Macy's coupon and surprisingly cosmetics weren't excluded! Yayyy me!

Although I saved some on the UD palette, my poor, poor wallet! At least I'll make it worthwhile by posting up pics/reviews for you guys! :) Book of Shadows/Sorceress/Brave review will come later this week (sorry guys I have a chem lab report to do!) so keep an eye out!



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