Saturday, October 17, 2009

MAC winter 2009 collection

So promo photos are out for MAC's winter 2009 collection (releasing in the US Nov 25 freestanding/pro stores ONLY).

I was on my usual makeup website browsing routine when I was on Temptalia and she had a photo of it:

photo credit:

Isn't that lipstick just absolutely GORGEOUS?! From Temptalia's site I believe it is "Prive" described as a "creamy light blue pink". This collection is part of the MAC couture line, so the products are more expensive (ex "Prive is $22 instead of the usual $14 for a lipstick). And OF COURSE I am a huge HUGE sucker for packaging, and although I like MAC's simplicity, this vintage, baroque decor is a must-have on my list!

I was never a huge fan of lipstick when I was younger because I associated them with age, and that they smelled kinda funny... cos I always tried my mommy's Clinique/Estee Lauder lippies. It wasn't until I bought my own lipstick which was MACs "Most Popular", part of the Hello Kitty collection that I realized lipstick can smell and look good! Now I'm addicted :)

So excited for this new collection! For more info, hit up Temptalia's page, its one of my faves!

ps. If it's not baroque, don't fix it! (haha, i just had to!)



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